No mortgage crisis in world 6 approval of these people were refused

on the road to credit everyone keen to loan approvals, no one wants to die on the road, without success. However, the plump, the reality is very skinny, 6 people and hardships, it's hard to escape the clutches of approval is rejected. So what is making any loans bad do? After 360 may wish to carefully comb it for you.

1. hold false materials started people

holding fake materials THE FORTUNE HUNTER, will eventually be abandoned by the world, to no avail. Looking at the outcome of the pessimistic, because teams like the trade and Industry Bureau, do not let any false information may exist in the corner. Reflection on the application materials, Bank water, traced the letter online banking, look at their electronic transactions; on employment verification contact the letters to employers, to carefully verify its work, a pair of specialty pies is pervasive.

2. the repayment ability of the person who

sweeps the institution's income threshold, ragged scenes come into view. Deep feelings to me is, if you have a 2000 income, do not try to over 3000 of the threshold, unless you can add special effects, or only be embarrassed to refuse. In short, if there is validity to avoid "mined area" is not difficult, for one, matching the right product, not "chew", and second, adding special effects, as just mentioned, you can try using ancillary revenue, provident fund schemes and other financial support to clear, if still cross the application threshold, consider replacing the products or consider his big move, with mortgage housing to lower income threshold.

3. family instability of the people

because of the instability of family relations people, and there may be a fuse, hair-trigger, making complete family falling apart. At that time, going their separate ways two people, do not rule out the possibility of shirking its debts, in the end, was unlucky to suffer financial institutions. So, in the absence of mortgages in the world, people who exposed the family crisis, it's hard to be loved.

4. telephone verification not pass people

If phone verification is like a ball of yarn, then start to fill in the loan application form around. In addition to fill in personal information, relatives and friends and call flows to real at the top, aims to facilitate the credit analyst do "pre-loan investigation." Is that wrong phone number must have made taboo. Phone verification process, if the people around her broke the news that you have bad habits, loan result was suspended without success, mostly without a result.

5. poor bank credit one

Bank credit of importance is self-evident because it's authority is already famous, the result is not by, first of all depends on credit to a home. Why call it "good credit"? No harm as long as two years overdue. Overdue over 3 times in a row, and accumulated overdue over 6 times.

6. cross-city loans to people

applying for loans is about operations in the same city, if contrary to interprovincial operation, to the approval of the mud is no surprise rejection thing. However, the combined operations in the same city have defined different loans, if there is no mortgage, they shall participate in the work of the city to apply for a loan, if it is a home equity loan, you ought to have in the leased premises to apply for loans, in short, unrelated birth location factor.


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