Micro-loans backed by Pacific life insurance policies how to apply?

assignable loan? Pacific life launched by Zhejiang branch policy pledge "micro-loans" not only procedures are simple, easy to handle, 1 business day to account; and at no additional cost, as long as the policy, loans, 80% minimum for cash value. So, micro-loans backed by Pacific life insurance policies on how to apply for it?

for policy loans via mobile phone, with "China Pacific" app platform, allows customers to his finger, three minutes on the phone to complete the policy loan in real time, let sleeping policy into cash at hand. Customers no longer need to take the policy to the insurance company, no longer need to have a computer with a fixed venue, just took out their mobile phones anytime for policy loans.

Pacific micro-credit loans interest rate is backed by life insurance policies? Interest rates and banks 6 months and below the commercial lending rates unchanged over the same period, over a period of 6 months, after the expiration as long as the interest on the first, you can renew loans. Meanwhile, customers continued to enjoy during the policy loan insurance, once an accident happens, you can still enjoy the claims service.


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