Credit card fee rules

now, the card is becoming one of the main forms of consumption of urban residents, but interviews found that, compared with the convenience of credit card, want to clearly understand the rules on credit card charges to the cardholder will not be easy, many first-time credit card cardholders to charge annual fees, annual fees, and no annual fees and so on is a dangerous thing, easily resulted in additional expenditure.

now it is best to calculate the cost of credit card accounts

in daily life, is indispensable to many people in Luzhou credit card. In addition to overdraft consumption, credit card withdrawal function is sometimes the public now. However, some people may not know, cash is required to pay fees by credit card, and cash with a credit card would have some interest.

recently, Xinhua learned from a number of local commercial banks, most banks on credit card cash charge a handling fee. At present, banks credit card for credit card holders cash out 0.5% to 3% rates, and cash withdrawal amount will be charged interest of five out of 10,000 a day, according to the actual number of days accumulated. For example, if a cardholder with credit card now 5000 Yuan, bank credit card rates are include 1%, 20 days after the card people which cash needs additional paid 5000x0.05%x20 + 5000 RMB X1%=125 Yuan of interest and fees. If you wait until the next pay day payment, then scroll the interest charged will be more.

in this regard, the city banker suggested that cardholders now must consider very carefully before using a credit card, try to control the amount of cash, time payments in a timely manner, so as to avoid the additional burden. If cardholders really need cash, you can choose credit card cash-phased business. Lack of money help you loan money to help you make money

, "zero interest" installments are not cheap

credit card payments is the modus operandi for a mass consumer, especially major banks and businesses have "zero interest" as the biggest selling point for advocacy, which many cardholders "zero interest" installment can be really free.


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