Apply for unsecured bank loan how much is the income threshold

unsecured loans are a lot of people have high hopes, but want to get a bank loan is no easy matter, banking income threshold set by how much? The following, may wish to work together to "Watch" the answers.

on this issue, it should be said, different banks have different requirements in different regions. In areas with high economic level, such as Shanghai, Beijing and other cities, this income will be higher, and in two or three cities, that definitely went a little lower, but surely different banks vary.

take for instance the Chengdu area, Citi's "happy loan" peace Bank "new credits" need to clock out wages higher than 4000 Yuan, Standard Chartered Bank "loan" you need more than 500 Yuan, China Construction Bank is for a punch of pay more than 6000 Yuan to apply for credit. Look at Shanghai, ping an Bank "new loan" credit product, you need to punch in wages of the borrower more than 5000 Yuan, Societe Generale Bank and Guangdong Development Bank personal credit products, are required to punch in salary greater than 6000 Yuan, local fund extra is required or the local property.

here cannot be listed one by one bank credit to the specific requirements of the applicant's monthly income, and can only say that all regions and all banks are different. But overall, wages generally require borrowers to clock more than 4000 easy application is successful, and most banks require the applicant to deposit local social security.

If income not standard do? suggested that you find a local small loan companies to apply for credit, credit loan, small loan company on the applicant's monthly income requirements will be slightly lower, as long as those who earn more than 3000 Basic will be able to cross that threshold.


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