Taiping life insurance policy loan?

want to buy home appliances, but so hard up for money, only a picture of Taiping life insurance policies on how to apply for loans for working capital? Tai Ping life insurance and industrial and commercial bank jointly launched the "credit link" service, as long as "ICBC-peace" signed a card, at the Taiping life insurance with cash value, enter a co-branded card password to enter the system, signed a policy loan after an electronic agreement, you can self operation for direct loans.

after a successful audit, loan funds will be transferred to the user groups tab, simply to repay money directly deposited into a joint card, all support themselves. "Credit link" loanable amount is implemented at present cash value of 90%. By "credit link" function, after signing an agreement can be achieved within the line of revolving loan, repayment; loan payments no later than at the time of day to the account, conveniently meet customers immediate money needs.

1, Taiping life insurance contract in the of terms provides

life insurance contract in the will has policy loan of content, to Taiping life promise lifelong life insurance (dividends type) terms for cases, 17th article: If this contract has cash value, and you has paid 2 years (or 2 years above) premium or barges make premium of, by was insurer written agreed, you can will this contract as policy loan of pledge, to we application policy loan. Policy loan maximum amount does not exceed the net cash value of the contract was 70%, limit on loan for 6 months at a time.

If you are unable to repay the loan and interest on loans, we agree as follows:

first, when the net cash value of the contract is less than or equal to zero, the effectiveness of the contract suspension.

Second, when the loan expires, the net cash value of the contract is greater than zero, then the outstanding policy loans and accrued interest will constitute a new loan, last time we identify a policy loan interest rates, compounding interest once every six months. If you are part of their loans, the repayment will be first used to repay the accumulated interest, and then used to pay off the loan principal and interest.

2, interpretation

, on loans not repaid on time

for 6 months is the interest cycle, if you need to use this money for a long time, just an interest every six months, easy, free control. Please refer to the original loan contract "from the date of the loan allocated from party b loan interest, the maximum loan period is six months. If the party fails to pay off the loan principal and interest, is owed on the loan and accumulated interest will form new policy loans, for a period of six months ".


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