Bank loan application?

policy loan low interest, not only from guarantees, loan fast, simple procedures and so on, and does not affect the customers enjoy the benefits of the policy, therefore, when the cash-strapped, a policy loan is a wise choice. ICBC insurance policy loans (Bank loans through) how to apply?

"insurance loan pass" service is to Taiping life and cooperation Bank common issued of joint card for carrier, as long as holds the joint card, while has Taiping life has cash value and support "insurance loan pass" loan function of policy, in near of joint card cooperation Bank dot of self query payment machine Shang, entered joint card password into system, signed policy loan electronic agreement and application loan Hou, loan funds on will in Taiping life audit through Hou transfers to user of joint card in the.

ICBC loans through credit lines have? "Credit link" loanable amount is implemented at present cash value of 90%. Customers by "credit link" function, after signing an agreement can be achieved within the line of revolving loan, repayment; loan payments at the latest at the time of day to the account.

industrial and commercial bank loan repayments? Users pay only deposit money directly into co-branded cards and apply for a "credit link" payments, or visit the company's website in the online business for "credit link" payments, all user self management.



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