Why apply for unsecured loans may be refused?

now, we have no money when they think of unsecured loan rather than borrowing money from friends, more and more people apply for unsecured loans, but most people have successfully obtained a loan, but there are some people out. This is why do it? Why apply for unsecured loans may be refused?

the reason is simple, risk control, and banks and other lending institutions will be part of screening out people with poor qualifications, qualification of lending the money to good borrowers. So here's the thing, easier was rejected by the banks of which the borrower is it?

1, there is no stable

no stable work, banks will not be able to determine whether the borrower has the stability and ability to repay, out of control, the banks won't loan to such borrowers.

2, less than 3 months

banks and other lenders will generally require the borrower to be worked continuously for 3 months (6 or 12 months) and otherwise will not accept a loan application.

3, high liabilities

even if the borrower had a stable job, their units which worked continuously for more than 3 months, but if the borrower's debt is high, more than half of his monthly income, implied that the borrower's repayment burden, unwilling to lend to borrowers.

4, bad record

banks will look at the borrower's income and repayment capacity, will also see the borrower's credit history. Appears more than once if the borrower's personal credit reports bad credit records or bad debts, banks will not pass the borrower's application.

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