2015 the ICBC personal credit loans can be how much?

credit refers to loans issued to borrowers with credit, borrowers are not required to provide security, which is characterized by the debtor without providing collateral or third-party guaranteed its credibility alone to obtain loans, and the creditworthiness of the borrower as repayment guarantee. 2015 the ICBC personal credit loans can be how much?


  loan amount starting at 10,000 yuan loan amount, maximum of not more than 500,000 yuan (inclusive), the actual maximum amount depending on your credit situation may be.

  loan rates with the level in the same period in accordance with the rules of the lending interest rate for personal credit
  individual interest method is used to calculate interest on the loans.

  loan period is generally 1-year repayment (included), maximum of 3 years. Loan period of 1 year (including) within the monthly payment, monthly, quarterly or a debt-repayment; loans for more than 1 year, and monthly debt repayment.


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